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Exxon station action ,march to Capitol Hill with T-Rexes Exxon station action ,march to Capitol Hill with T-Rexes
  • Gazan children attempt to break the Guinness World Record of total number of kites flown at one time. Around 6000 kites were flown on a Gazan beach in an UN sponsored event. Gaza, Palestine. 29/07/2009. Palestinian children flying kites on the beach of Gaza during a UN-sponsored summer camp festival in the city on July 30, 2009. More than 6,000 children in the Gaza Strip sought to break the Guinness World Record for kite flying in a rare moment of respite from the war-battered enclave's daily life.
    July 10, 2014 - Gaza City, Gaza Strip - Palestinians inspect a house which police said was damaged in an Israeli air strike. The Israeli air force overnight hit more than 300 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire from the besieged Palestinian territory, an army spokesman said.
    housands of abortion opponents gathered around the national mall near the Washington Monument to protest against legalizing abortion. The massive crowd carried flags and banners then took the streets while marching down Constitution Avenue and rallied at the Supreme Court building across from the Capitol.
    Baraa Azam lying infront of his destroyed house after an israeli airstrike flattened the place at Al Zaitoun area in Gaza city, Baraa was slightly injured during the air strike and after going back home found out his room and toys were all gone, he keeps on asking "how will the bus of school manage to pick me up with all the rubble around ? " his mother says.
    Native American Tribal leaders during a press conference after a meeting with President Obama in Washington, D.C. is his last Tribal Nations Conference. Native American Tribal leaders from across the country held a last minute conference after their meeting with President Obama to discuss Dakota pipeline controversial issue as The federal decision to stop work on the Access Pipeline in order to have consultation with the tribes marked a turning point in relationships with tribes over infrastructure projects.
    Exxon station action ,march to Capitol Hill with T-Rexes
    Exxon station action ,march to Capitol Hill with T-Rexes
    WASHINGTON DC. APRIL 28th 2017,A number of indigenous activists, veterans, and youth march in front of the US Capitol on Friday to form a symbolic red line to protest ongoing environmental violations. The marchers called for investment in "local, living economies", sustainability, and a departure from militarism.Photo By: Eman Mohammed
    WASHINGTON-DC-- MAY 15th, 2016, Hundreds of climate activities protesting at a rally organized by break free movement as part of the organizations actions against fossil fuel projects,protests went to the streets at the nation's capital to protest in front of the white house, calling on the decision makers in Washington DC to support the transition to renewable energy instead of coal,oil and gas energy. Break Free 2016 is a week of coordinated direct actions that target the most dangerous fossil fuel projects, in an effort to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground and accelerate a just transition to 100% renewable energy. Thousands of people all over the planet are putting their bodies on the line to send a message to polluters and politicians that we need to break free from fossil fuels now. Photo by: Eman Mohammed
    Palestinian policewomen training on battelfied techinques while a female officer gives them instrustions through a training course in the police academy in Gaza City.Palestinian policewomen are obligated to cover up wearing pakistani uniforms and hijabs, the devision was established seven years ago, shortly before the first war in Gaza and continued to grow as a support division for policemen unites.